Crush Wrestling – Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee

Crush Wrestling - Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee

In one of the most visually appealing matchups on the site… the big Russian, Wonder Dee, and her enormously ripped and powerful legs, is back to battle biceps Goddess, Gunz McLee! What’s funny about this one is that, Dee, who perhaps is one of the top 3 most intimidating wrestlers on our site, was literally scared to death of facing off against veteran McLee. She has seen McLee train in the gym and saw how she created those nearly 17″ monster bi’s. Throughout the first part of this match, Dee literally gives herself up on numerous engagements, simply because she’s so scared to get choked by McLee’s 17″ers. Eventually she settles into the match and realizes that she’s capable of getting the upper hand by using her crazy strong and powerful legs. Once she figures that out, she has Gunz begging for mercy every time she gets caught between those mighty Russian crushers. One of the fighters wears down at the end of the match, and eventually gets caught in a brutal choke that nearly results in a K.O. 2 super strong bodies in sexy combat… this is the one you’ve been waiting for, folks!
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Ashley Starr – Serve The Ebony Muscle Goddess

Ashley Starr - Serve The Ebony Muscle Goddess

Before this video, Ashley has brutally beaten this victim for hours in the previous videos, shot at the iAm Hotel. Now we get a treat of amazing Muscle Domination. First Ashley flexes her incredible body, then orders him to worship, Squeezes him gently, but during the video, Ashley gets more and more dominant, brutal squeezes, neck choke making him sing “Ashley Starr brings stars” and sing more for minutes. At the end, he is broken, gets ordered around, has to give The Goddess lunch money. Ashley at her very best. This Muscle Domina is totally amazing!
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